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To further the mission of Med-Weather Forecasts© making reliable health information available to the public, we accept advertising and sponsorship under strict guidelines. We will refuse any advertisement that we believe is incompatible with the Med-Weather Forecast© mission. The presence of an ad on our site does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. Advertisers and sponsors must not make unsubstantiated health claims or suggest that Med-Weather Forecasts© has endorsed specific goods, products or services. Advertising is not targeted to individual users but may be placed on the site adjacent to content related to advertiser or sponsor interest. Med-Weather Forecasts© maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. All advertising content on contained within the Med-Weather Forecast© site is clearly labeled as an advertisement. Sponsored areas of the site are labeled as such, and the sponsoring organizations are identified.

Advertising Options

As the Uldrich-Alpha-Omega Health/Weather© phases shifts occur, your clients advertising can be keyed into these shifts moving ads into position that are linked to the weather phase and a product or service that meets that viewers needs. Example: If those phases which bring adverse impact on asthmatic conditions, advertising for medicines and physician services can be programmed in. Zip code marketing (U.S.) – as we are a zip code based web-site* we can target U.S. markets based on socioeconomic and demographic blending. This includes a city, suburb, small town or rural environment. This zip code platform allows for median income focus and known interests. An extensive data base of city, state and country IP addresses provides still another geotargeting service. The 24-hour clock . . . targeting by time of day, day-of-week, weekend permits maximinization of advertising message focus.

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